We had Rookie Marching Practice scheduled for the last week of school back in May, but rain forced us to postpone it. 
Initially we rescheduled it and put it on the website & calendar for 1p-3p on Tuesday 7/24, Wednesday 7/25, and Thursday 7/26 during the first week of Band Camp. That way parents could drop the rookie students off at the band room at 1p, we could have marching practice until 3p, the students could take a break and cool down before the Indoor Music Rehearsal at 5p, and parents could pick them back up at 9p when rehearsal was finished.

I have been monitoring the weather over the last few weeks, and because of the severe heat this summer, I have decided to make a change to Rookie Marching Practice. I feel like the temperture may be too high between 1p-3p in the afternoon, therefore we're going to move Rookie Marching Practice to the morning and do it between 8:30a-11a on Tuesday 7/24 and Wednesday 7/25 (no Thursday).

I know this may be more difficult on parents, since the rookie students will need to be dropped off at 8:30a, picked up at 11a, and brought back at 5p for the full band Indoor Music Rehearsal, but I feel like this will be better for the students. Also, this will only be for two days during the first week of Band Camp. All other days students can be dropped off at 5p and picked up at 9p.

Please remember that all of these days are mandatory if you child plans to be a member of the 2018-2019 Marching Hornets. A full schedule of the 2 weeks of Band Camp can be found on the News & Info page and on the Calendar of Events.