Last updated 10/11/20

CHS vs. WORTH CO. - 10/16

The Hornets will be playing Worth County in Sylvester on Friday, 10/16. We will meet at 4:15p in the CHS Cafeteria to eat dinner and load buses at 5:15p to leave. Students and parent chaperones riding the bus will be temperature checked before boarding and must wear a mask over their nose & mouth on the bus at all times.

I continue to understand parents who may be concerned about their child riding a bus, so, for this year only, we are allowing parents to drive their student to the game and meet us there. Two rules: #1) students can not drive themselves to the game, it must be a parent, and #2) a parent may not drive another band student that is not family. Parents driving their child to the game must let me know before we leave by sending an email to Students riding with their parents must arrive at the stadium in Sylvester no later than 6:30p. The stadium is located at:
304 East St, Sylvester, GA 31791

After the game when students are dismissed to the bus, any student who rode with their parent may leave without signing out. Any student who rode the bus to the game, but does not plan to ride the bus home, MUST have a parent at the game to sign them out. If a parent is not present at the game, the student MUST ride the bus back to CHS.

Any parent who would like to know when we are leaving from the stadium and what time we will arrive back at the high school can follow our Travel Updates class on Remind using the code @mhtravel.


The Marching Hornets will be taking our yearly composite pictures on Wednesday, October 28th in the CHS Band Room. Any student in 1st, 2nd, or 4th block band will be able to take their pictures during their class. If you a CHS student but not in one of the three class, you can come down any time during the day and have your picture taken. 8th grade students will be able to ride the bus to CHS after school and have their picture taken. It only take about 10 minutes to take those pictures, so 8th graders can be picked up by 4:15p.

There is no required purchase to have a picture taken, and paperwork with photo packages and prices will be available soon.

There will be no make up day for these pictures, so all students who are able should have their picture taken, or they won't be on this year's composite


The Hornets will be playing Thomasville High School on October 30th in Thomasville, and Fitzgerald High School in Fitzgerald on November 13th. Due to COVID-19 neither school is allowing visiting bands or cheerleaders, so the Marching Hornets will not be attending either of those games.